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South Lodge

South Lodge provides a two-bedroom accommodation for long-term students, with a social space that can be used a kitchen-dining-living space for four students. The project, designed and built by five Design & Make students, is of timber frame (using Hooke Park timber), clad in western red cedar and reclaimed glass.  A high proportion of the building is of reclaimed and recycled materials.

Technical Details

South Lodge is the second of the accommodation units to be built as part of the Architectural Association’s Hooke Park campus in rural Dorset. The design process has been a consequence of two main processes:

Full scale prototyping. The full scale prototypes have allowed us to inhabit the design intentions and to understand the outcome and consequences of drawings. Design aspects such as scale, orientation, distribution and proportion have been a direct consequence of the prototyping experimentation process.

Reacting to reused, recycled and reclaimed materials. We have gathered these locally and have been engaging and developing ties with the local community. Aluminium, galvanized steel, double and triple glazing, slates, floorboards and miscellaneous unique items have been inventoried and catalogued.

This has allowed us to use to carefully assess the usage possibilities of these items and use them to design wall cladding systems, windows, structural members and customised furniture pieces.

Project Credits

Design & Make student team:

Carlos Chen, Stephanie Cramer, Sarina Adelle Da Costa Gomez, Iosif Dakoronias-Marina, Elizabeth Lawrence

Site supervision:

Jack Hawker

James Stubbs


Charlie Corry-Wright, Edward Coe


Martin Self, Charley Brentnall, Stewart Dodd, Piers Taylor, Forester, Christopher Sadd


ARUP: Francis Archer, Craig Irvine, Suria Ismail
BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials, Bath University: Dr. Andy Shea
Brooks Devlin: Nick Devlin
Büro Happold: Bob Riley
C&G Safety and Environmental: Derek Purchase
Oculus Building Consultancy Ltd: David Warren
Peter George Electrical Contractor
Southwest Eco Systems: David Tewson

Summer & Autumn Build volunteers:

Steve Anderson, Waleed Arafa Hassan, Maria Brewster, Yasmina Chami, Sean Corry-Wright, Emaad Damda, Federico Forestiero, Francesco Fumagalli, Dominik Herrlinger, Amanda Holden, Dominika Kubieniec, Myrto Matala, Leo Sooseok Kim, Matt Stones, June Tong, Mark Torrens, Camino Vilanova Rodriguez