Field Station

Cohort 2022/23 focused on the construction
of the Field Station for the AA.

Romain Odin-Lepoutre, Garrett Nelli, Lin Yao, Zhu Yulin,
Duan Chongyuan, Arangil Karuvadath Malavika, Zhang Zhijiao,
Zhong Xiaojing, Liu Ting, Cai Hanxing,


Head of Hooke Park : Kate Davies
Head of Physical Production: Emmanuel Vercruisse
Workshop Manager: Charles Corry-Wright
Technical Coordinator: Edward Coe
Head Forester: Christopher Sad
Robotic Developer: Wyatt Armstrong, Dmitrii Fedorov
Design tutor: Will Gowland, Dmitrii Fedorov, Wyatt Armstrong
Thesis Tutor: Simon Withers, Martin self
Visiting tutor: Neil Spiller, Sam Baldwin
Guest Critiques: Professor Nat Chard, James Sully,
Richard Maddock, Rupert Scott, Thomas Pearce, Julliett Haysome
Consultunts: Francis Archer (ARUP), Thomas Parker, Garry Edwards, Ciaran Malik
Keynote Lecturers: Eleanor Lakine
Make Tutor: Jake Draper, Sam Baldwin

The structure activates areas deeper in the forest and serves as a focal point for field research and community engagement. The structure’s creation included robotics applications, 3d scanning, CNC, storytelling, etc. The design featured Beachwood branches found and used in its original form. All the parts of the building could be flat-packed and delivered to a site for rapid assembly.  The structural solution introduced post-tensioning of the spaceframe to achieve the compression-only performance of the round wood chords (branches).