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Fallen Star

“Fallen Star” is an installation set between biomimetics, interaction, and perception. It is the final working prototype of the Architectural Association (AA) Summer DLAB, which took place in AA London and AA Hooke Park during 23 July – 05 August 2012.

Generative algorithms inspired by natural constructs have been transformed from the digital realm to the three-dimensional world of human perception and user interaction throughout a two-fold process. The design proposals developed by student teams during the initial phase at AA London have been integrated through the medium of video-mapping to the full scale installation fabricated and assembled at AA Hooke Park. The computational toolset of the workshop has been Processing, Grasshopper and Ipad/Iphone.

The installation is characterized by the dimension of interaction which animates the architectural piece according to user feedback and the potential of creating dynamic spatial experiences challenging perception and temporality.

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Project Credits

AA Visiting School Director: Christopher Pierce

Programme Director: Elif Erdine

Tutors: Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Daghan Cam

Students: Tarik Alboustani, Maria Brewster, Lyzette Zeno Cortes, Hugo Garcia, Hannah Hobbs, Sylvia Leon, Andrew Liu, Alessio Lombardi, Cristina Nan, William Nemitoff, Antonio Rovira, Eric Williams