Woodchip Barn underway

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  • July 31, 2015

Design & Make’s 2015 project is a barn for the long-term storage for woodchip to fuel the Biomass Boiler House. The structure is sited in an area 300m away from the educational campus which is currently used for sawmill operations and is envisioned to be a site for timber processing in the future. With a storage capacity of 400cu.m, the woodchip storage barn will enable the Hooke Park estate to process and use it’s own timber for renewable heat production.

The Wood Chip Barn will store the long-term supply of wood chip for the biomass boiler. The core ambition in the project is to use tree fork junctions within a structure so that the natural strength of the fork joints is exploited. 3D-scanning techniques are being developed that will capture the geometry of each fork component leading to fabrication using Hooke Park’s robotic arm.

Students: Mohaimeen Islam, Sahil Shah, Swetha Raju, Yang Yung-Chen, Zachary Mollica