Self supplying renewable heat at Hooke

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  • October 25, 2016

The first chipping operation of Hooke Park timber completes the process that started with the Boiler House construction, the installation of the biomass boiler and the Woodchip Barn and we now have 770 cubic meters of woodchip stored ready for use over the winter to heat the campus.  The timber being used to heat our buildings is a mixture of low-grade thinnings and storm damaged trees that has been sitting within the forest for the past 18 months seasoning and drying.  Chris Sadd, Hooke’s forester coordinated the complex logistics of moving 245m3 of logs up to the barn ready for the chipping operation which,  given the scale of modern biomass chipping operations,  took a mere 4 hours to fill the barn to capacity.  Over the winter we will start to monitor woodchip consumption against heat use and winter  temperatures in order to refine our models for self-supplying wood-fuel within the mix of other timber products and silvicultural operations.



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