The Architectural Association seeks an Architectural Robotics Developer for a full-time position at Hooke Park, its woodland campus is Dorset, west England.

The Robotics Developer will operate the Hooke Park Robotic Lab and actively develop future advancements of the facility, which acts as laboratory for architectural innovation and experimentation through 1:1 fabrication.

Hooke Park Robotics Developer

Applicants sought - deadline 18 January 2017.

Experimental research in timber fabrication

Working with AA students

Fabrication cell centred on 2.7m reach Kuka KR-150.


Full job description and application details here.

Application deadline extended to 5 February 2017.

Located in the unique and challenging environment of an active forest and a timber production infrastructure, the robot cell (based around a 2.7m reach Kuka KR-150) is used for experimental research by staff and students of the AA. Details of the facility here.

The residential Design+Make programme deploys the robot in the fabrication of full-scale buildings at Hooke Park whilst the facility is also used by London-based AA students and during short courses as part of the AA’s Visiting School programme such as the Robotic Fabrications workshop.

The Robotics Developer is required to have experience of running a robotic fabrication cell, ideally within architectural education. Knowledge of timber fabrication is desired, and the ability to work with students and academic staff to formulate research projects is essential.