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Summer DLab 2015: InFlux

InFlux is the final working prototype of AA Summer DLAB 2015 that took place in AA’s London home and Hooke Park facilities during 27 July – 14 August 2015.

InFlux is the outcome of an exploration on the fabrication and assembly of double-curved complex geometries through the integration of generative design techniques and robotic milling strategies. The research initiated on the material behaviour of concrete in 2014 has been developed in the 2015 cycle by further investigations linking geometry, material, and structure. Realized as a wall with 2.2 meters height, 4 meters width, and a varying depth of 3 – 25 cm, InFlux has been developed, fabricated and assembled in 7 days.

Initial form-finding experiments on doubly-curved geometries have been combined with structural analysis tools in order to distribute openings and areas with different curvature values throughout the global form. Local manipulations have involved the implementation of the robot end-effector as a design tool that aided in the differentiation of surface textures. The material behaviour of concrete has been analysed through various iterations as the surface area of the scaffolding have been increased. EPS foam-board has been used as the scaffolding material, machined with a drill cutter. The areas of contact between the scaffolding and concrete have been treated with a mold release agent.

Summer DLAB:

Technical Details

21 days : Duration of programme

7 days : Design development, fabrication, assembly

18 students : 11 nationalities

1080 hours : Fabrication, assembly, dis-assembly time

0.75 m3 : high-strength concrete

8 m3 : EPS foam-board

Project Credits

Programme Directors: Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias

Tutors: Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Daghan Cam, Angel Fernando Lara Moreira, Zeynep Aksoz

Robotics support: Pradeep Devadass

Participants: Angelo Figliola, Ece Emanetoglu, Florian Kaiser, Jackson Lindsay, Jin Li, Leo Claudius Bieling, Lina Kakaletsi, Mathias Reisigl, Matteo Eng, Nicolo Cernigliaro, Palavi Gupta, Shaw Li, Vikas Sharma, Jos Van Roosmalen, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Areti Sanoudou, Julian Heinen, Yingcheng Mei.