Hut on Stilts – Nozomi Nakabayashi

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  • May 8, 2015

Nozomi Nakabayashi, a recent graduate of the Design & Make programme at Hooke Park, has completed a “Hut on Stilts” at a site a few fields away from the campus. Nozomi ( worked as the designer, contractor and maker of the project which was commissioned by a local writer and is largely pre-fabricated at Hooke Park. As Nozomi says:

The hut provides a small magical get away space to spend the night, to ponder and to inspire ideas for the client, who is a writer.

The building materials include cork as insulation and exposed wall cladding, locally sourced Western Red Cedar cladding, Douglas fir primary structure and reclaimed glazing and telegraph poles as the base structure.

Interior is finished with birch plywood floor and wall, lime rendered walls and hessian fabric ceiling.


26-11-14 A4 Tree house section

More of the story here.

Photos: Henrietta Williams
Drawing: Mark Torrens