Hooke Park and the resident Design & Make programme are connected to collaborators on a local, national and international level:

Engineering design consultancy
A team at Arup, led by Francis Archer, collaborates with us in the projects at Hooke Park by provide engineering support for our student-designed building.

Anna Best
Local artist
A neighbour of Hooke Park, Anna works on local community arts projects and is a trustee of the Hooke Park Educational Trust

Common Ground
Arts, culture and environmental charity
Collaborating with Hooke Park on environmental arts and community forestry

Boat Building Academy
Boat building school nearby in Lyme Regis
We exchange visits and knowledge with BBA who host groups of our students for introductions to boat-building techniques, and Hooke Park support their student projects with CNC fabrication.

Grown in Britain
Campaign to encourage use of UK grown timber in construction
We are hosting an open day for Grown in Britain and work with them as an example of what can be achieved with our own timber.

Timber research and development
We are members of TRADA who provide us with advice and resources on use of timber in construction. Hooke Park buildings feature in their case-studies on timber use.

Dorset wildlife Trust
Advocates for the natural environment in Dorset
We are working with DWT to provide Forest School areas within Hooke Park for visiting local school groups.

University of Bath
BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials
We host MSc students undertaking timber related research theses; and we collaborate on use of their timber testing facilities to prove the structural performance of Hooke Park timber.

Schumacher College
Teaching courses inspired by E.F. Schumacher on decentralised and sustainable economics & living.
We have hosted students and staff from Schumacher College on a number of visits to Hooke and are working with them to increase the collaboration between us.

Bridport Arts Centre
Local arts gallery in the nearby town of Bridport
Bridport Arts centre will be hosted and an exhibition of Hooke Park’s work in late 2015.

Petter Southall
Local furniture maker and steam bending specialist
We have worked with Petter on a number of projects, most notably providing inspiration and advice to students designing and building the Timber Seasoning Shelter.

ECLIPSE Exeter University’s Centre for Literatures of Identity, Place and Sustainability have collaborated with Hooke Park on events related to rural cultures and design, including co-hosted symposia.